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AlbertGender: MaleAge: 26

Albert is a handsome man who works with determination and ambition. He loves to deal with a challenging situation no matter way by his instinct, and sometimes it takes many risks. For this reason, his colleague must be patient and adapt themself to work with him.

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KevinGender: MaleAge: 29

Kevin is such a nerdy employee with incredible intelligence that Kevin can easily handle various types of tasks.

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EthanGender: MaleAge: 35

With Ethan's enthusiasm, the work was done quickly, but it's not very refined. Sometimes there are a few mistakes in the job, but Ethan is a great abilities staff but only lacks carefulness.

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AaronGender: MaleAge: 45

Aaron has been working for several companies made he has a lot of experience. With his kindness, Aaron's colleague always pays respect to him. He always solves the problem in simple and effective solutions.

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ShibaGender: MaleAge: 29

Shiba is an empathetic man and understands others. And with his excellent communication skills, he always is the center of the team. These make him easily get along with other colleagues. Working with Shiba, the work flowed smoothly and without interruption, which was no surprise that the work was done. It will be successful accurately and quickly for sure.

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TomusGender: MaleAge: 32

Tomus is very concentrated to work and makes it come out perfect. But it may have been too much and may make him often frustrated with it when it didn't follow the plan. The atmosphere at work might seem a bit daunting, but Tomus did the job perfectly as it could.

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HanakoGender: FemaleAge: 25

Hanako is a half Japanese who is thirsty for victory. She is ready to give all her strength for the goal. It is almost impossible to stop her. For this reason, giving her cooperation seems to be the best way.

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SophieGender: FemaleAge: 27

For Sophie, work is the first priority. Even how that task is easy or not, she would carefully check the detail of the work. But other than work, she is very clumsy and unreliable.

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DamianGender: MaleAge: 25

Damian is a new employee who still inexperienced and ready to work with strong determination. No matter how hard the task is, as long as he gains the team's trust, He is ready to listen to that person with all his heart.

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AliceGender: FemaleAge: 24

Alice is a beautiful lady, and her soul is filled with pride. Some people think she is a persistent person, but her steadfastness makes the tough jobs continually done magically. Her pride may encourage her to reach the goal.